oh no you found the page where i keep all of my not work related stuff. this serves as a collection of historic artifacts from a time when i didn’t need money for everything.

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grillagon – got my cheetah

rap x puppets x revealing unitards. senior thesis project from 2015. our college still omits this when showing off their film program to perspective parents.


a serious sasquatch discussion

this is why you shouldn’t have serious conversations over dinner. directed/edited for sasquatch comedy

how to make a website w/ tech tim

learn to code your very own website in cutting-edge HTML with the world’s most enthusiastic instructor. for the third triumvirate.

buy my art

master salesman dick ripley is having a hard time pitching his latest product.

elmo’s statement

the year was 2015 and news had just broke that elmo’s veteran puppeteer was accused of sexual misconduct. this video serves as elmo’s statement re: his close co-worker. for the third triumvirate.

dirtbag lessons: eating alone

a how to lesson on eating alone w/o looking like a loner. this was an old remote piece for the college blog. there were others in the series, but this was the only one that didn’t suck.

magic tricks

even magicians need oxygen. written for neon albatross.


science! with turtles

early stop motion animation featuring turtle toys and lots of floam.

CATcher and the rye

another early stop motion animation. this one’s got paper cut-out cats.