I make videos for brands on a budget.

Video content is more important than ever- and a lot more affordable than you think! I can help you create high-quality videos that impress your customers, add value to your brand, and make your posts 1200% more shareable through the following services:

Video Production

Script Writing


Video Editing

Motion Graphics

Voice Over

Creative Counseling

I offer a full-range of creative video production services from start-to-finish. I’ll help you brainstorm, write a script, shoot video, find stock footage, & edit it all together complete with titles, music, graphics, color correction and more.

Affordable Fixed-Pricing

Each project is charged at a flat-rate, which puts all of the control in your hands. Pick a budget, stick to it, and never get burned by hourly contracts ever again!

Flexible Freelancer

Do you like to be hands-on? Hands-off? No matter where creating video content fits into your workflow, I’ll be able to accommodate it. Why make a new in-house hire when you can save time and money outsourcing to a pro?

Turbo Turnaround

Don’t be stressed out by deadlines. Your time is important, so most projects are finished in less than week, with some being completed in as little as 48 hours!


Creative Showreel

Corporate Reel


Forget overpaying on hourly contracts! Every project here is offered at a fixed-price.

Since every project is different, I recommend that you describe what you’re looking for in the Contact section to get an accurate fixed-price bid. But if you’re looking for common base prices, here are some ballpark estimates:

Editing – Starting at $100

  • Reels (e.g. actor, demo, sizzle) – $100+
  • Short-form Shareable Video (think Buzzfeed Listicles) – $250+
  • Promotional Video w/ Footage Provided – $150+
  • Promotional Video w/ Stock Footage – $300+
  • Kickstarter/IndieGogo Promo – $300+
  • Narrative/Short Film – $80+/min
  • Intro/Outro  w/ Motion Graphics – $100+
  • Explainer/Whiteboard Video – $300+
  • Special Occasion Montage (e.g. wedding, mitzvah, etc) – $600+

Production Services – Starting at $50

  • Script Writing – $50+/page
  • Half-day shoot (cinematographer & 1-2 cameras) – $700+
  • Full-day shoot (cinematographer & 1-2 cameras) – $1200+
  • Full-day shoot (w/ crew) – $2500+
  • Voice Over – $80+/min
  • Professional Stock Footage – $60+/clip
  • Not As Good Stock Footage – $10+/clip

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